Tallgrass Recovery Infectious Disease Policy:

1. Anyone who does not feel well or has been exposed to others who are known to carry COVID-19 must not come to Tallgrass. If your friends or family is sick, you are sick from a Tallgrass perspective.
2. If you notice that a guest, volunteer or staff member is symptomatic, please report it immediately.
3. This is not a question of "well enough to work." The question is "do you feel well." If you do not feel well, do not come to Tallgrass.
4. You still have a fever if you're taking fever reducing medication like Tylenol. We need you to be actually well not just medicated well.
5. While at Tallgrass, hand washing and hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged.
6. If you become symptomatic while at Tallgrass, please excuse yourself and make haste to leave the premises.
7. Disinfectants have been provided and any frequently or routinely touched surfaces must be cleaned several times throughout the day, If you touch a surface, please clean that surface. Hand washing and hand sanitizer is required before eating, after using the restroom, and upon arrival to the facility.
8. Limit or eliminate touching of other people, including hand shaking, hugging and so on.
9. These guidelines apply to all staff, volunteers, guests and vendors.

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