Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

How could you know how I feel?

We know how you feel because each of us working and volunteering at Tallgrass have been exactly where you are at right now.

How do you know that the 12-steps even work?

Every Tallgrass employee and volunteer is living proof that the 12 step program works…we are all living it and it has saved each of our lives.

How do you know it works at Tallgrass?

The rate of sustained recovery for Tallgrass guests is over 50%, which is well above the national recovery rate of less than 5%. All of us at Tallgrass began as an addict, sought recovery, achieved it, became a volunteer and eventually an employee.

What is the daily schedule at Tallgrass Recovery?

Read about our daily schedule here.

How long does recovery take?

Our recovery program is a 30 day stay, but recovery is a lifetime.

Will my insurance cover the cost of Tallgrass’ recovery program?

Tallgrass is not covered by insurance. If you choose to compare, we encourage you to ask for a fee summary from other providers and compare the out of pocket expense as an accurate comparison.

How much does the Tallgrass recovery program cost?

Our program fee is $9000. Our fee is typically lower than comparable programs, including ones that qualify for deductible and copay eligibility.

What should I bring or not bring to inpatient recovery?

Obviously we do not allow any alcohol or drugs, other than prescriptions. Bring a week’s worth of comfortable clothing, toiletries and an open mind.

How do I help someone enroll in Tallgrass Recovery?

Have them get in touch with us at 605.368.5559 to speak with one of our employees and complete a 15 minute application.

What if I have other questions?

If you are seeking recovery or looking to help someone find a recovery solution we are eager to speak with you. Call us at 605.368.5559 and even if Tallgrass is not the right option we will help you find one.