How could you know how I feel?

Every employee at Tallgrass is an addict or alcoholic living in long-term 12-step recovery.

How do you know that the 12-steps even work?

Every employee at Tallgrass is living a 12-step recovery program that has saved their lives.

How do you know it works at Tallgrass?

Because nearly every employee found recovery at Tallgrass, became a volunteer and eventually an employee using the spiritual tools for their recovery that they learned as guests.

What kind of drug and alcohol recovery does Tallgrass Offer?

allgrass is an immersive 12-Step program using the principals of AA. We will welcome you to the recovery community and help you work the steps while you're here.

What is the daily schedule at Tallgrass Recovery?

How long does recovery take?

Our recovery program is a 30 day stay.

How much does recovery cost?

Our program fee is $7500. It is such a low fee that we're typically less that the deductible and copay of other programs.

Will my insurance cover recovery?

Tallgrass is not covered by insurance. If you choose to compare, please ask for a complete billing from other providers and compare out of pocket expense as a measurement of cost.

What should I bring or not bring to inpatient recovery?

Do not bring drugs or alcohol. Bring a week's worth of comfortable clothing, toiletries and an open mind.

What if Tallgrass isn't right for me?

We have relationships will several mental health and treatment centers that enable us to provide referrals to the most appropriate next step.

How do I get a loved one to go to Tallgrass Recovery?

Ask your loved one to call 605-368-5559 and take about 15 minutes to fill out an application over the phone.

What if I have other questions?

Please call Tallgrass at 605-368-5559. We will help you find recovery, even if we have to refer you to a different program.