How To Enroll


The process for enrollment to the Tallgrass Recovery Campus, is actually quite simple. Call our staff 8 am to 11 pm…365 days a year at 1-605-368-5559.

We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and initiate the process with you right over the phone.

It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete our Enrollment Application via the phone.

We are a 30 day residential program. We do have an intense schedule at a relaxed pace.

Things you will want to bring:

  • Appropriate form of identification.
    Casual (but decent) clothing .. (no bare midriffs, muscle shirts, mini’s, etc) .. seasonally smart .. enough
  • to feel comfortable with periodic laundering as we do have on site laundry .. one suitcase and one carry on size only, please.
  • No inappropriate images or advertisements, slogans, slang, etc., depicting alcohol, drugs, sex, and/or violence on clothing or person.
  • Personal items and toiletries (no items containing alcohol). Laundry soap if you are sensitive. Bath soap. Shampoo. Dental items.
  • Writing utensils and stamps. Addresses and/or phone numbers you may want. There is no access to your cell phone while you are here.
  • Cash or credit cards for your personal items (ie. cigarettes, snacks, etc.). We do an errand runthree times a week for those items. Safekeeping is offered.
  • Prescription meds and over the counter items. Prescriptions MUST be in proper containers and over the counter items should be kept to a minimum. Some meds of either variety (prescription or OTC) may be restricted. (Please Ask!)
  • Health and Dental Insurance cards would be needed in the event of off site medical or dental needs. We are NOT a medical facility.

Some items you will NOT want to bring:

  • Firearms or any kind of weapon.
  • Alcohol or illicit drugs of any kind.
  • Computer equipment (laptop or otherwise), electronic devices (i-pods, players, etc.), paging devices, or cameras.
  • Excessive cash or valuables.
  • Books or magazines that are not recovery related.

Keep it Simple… Keep it Light

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