Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission is to provide the greatest opportunity for individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction to discover a new way of life by embracing a 12 step, spiritually based solution.


Our vision is to help individuals and families suffering from alcohol and drug addiction get their lives back; a life they never imagined possible.


We believe we are all stewards of our mission. All team members must be committed to being mission focused and fiscally responsible. Furthermore, we must model the way, and hold one another accountable to practicing the principles of our program in all of our affairs-with guests, fellow team members, and friends of Tallgrass. While maintaining a spirit of honesty, openness and willingness to excel.

We believe that connecting people to a spiritual experience through the-12 steps and that linking people to a fellowship and their community is the best path towards sustained sobriety.

We believe through our sober living home model, we offer the greatest opportunity for a person to get their life back.

We believe we are not alone and cannot do this alone. Therefore, we rely on a vast group of volunteers from the community to deliver the steps, mentor our guests, and create a long lasting connection with fellowship.

We believe we are asset to the recovery community and will therefore respect and adhere to the traditions with a commitment to anonymity and confidentiality.

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