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Sober living homes in Sioux Falls, SD

Tallgrass Recovery & Sober Living Homes was designed to put personal recovery first. Our sober living homes can give someone in early recovery the extra support they need to help them succeed.

While enrolled in our sober living home, guests are expected to learn personal accountability while leaning on fellow residents for support. Residents focus on a 12-step program and develop a sense of community with others who are in recovery.

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Our community is unique

At Tallgrass Recovery, our sober living home in Sioux Falls, SD stands out in our community as a unique spot for recovering addicts to find compassion and support. We’re the only sober living community in the entire state of South Dakota.

Our sober living home is not a halfway house. It’s a:

  • Community of people living together and sharing a singleness in purpose.
  • Place to share common goals and experiences.
  • Space for recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

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