Sober Living

Putting Your Recovery First

Tallgrass sober living homes were designed to put personal recovery first. The homes are a community of people living together and sharing a unique goal…recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. It is a place to share common goals, experiences and a place to grow. Tallgrass sober living homes can give someone in early recovery the extra support they need to carry them over in difficult times.

Located in comfortable, centrally located residential neighborhoods, Tallgrass’s homes provide high quality, highly accessible, and cost effective housing for individuals in recovery.

Tallgrass’s homes provide for comfortable, high quality housing with ready access to bus lines, convenience stores, employment opportunities, coffee shops and numerous 12-step meetings throughout our city.

Regular attendance at 12-step meetings, sponsors, and a stable home environment living with like-minded individuals in recovery provide a solid foundation for the early months and years of sobriety one day at a time.

Member resident fees are $600 per month. These fees include residency, utilities, cable, wifi and local telephone service.

Tallgrass Sober Living Application

SLHApplication2023 (pdf)

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